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Rochelle and Ollie Gant Builder and Interior Designer Ocean Grove
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  Project Enquiry — Tell us 
   about  your project.  

Thank you for reaching out and enquiring with us.


We look forward to learning more about you and your future project - and to determine if we are a good fit to work together.  


A great way for us to do this is to gather the general information from you about your project by asking you to complete the questionnaire below. By giving us as much detail as you can, this will help us to advise you and give you the best next steps.


We'll review your information and be in touch via phone and / or email soon to discuss what’s next.

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Have a Question?
Contact us!

  • How long will our build take?
    Every build varies depending on the size of your project. A new build is typically 9-12months from starting construction. Prior to this we aim to have our trades booked in and permits approved to avoid delays.
  • Can we take on your project after you already have plans?
    Ideally, we are involved in your planning and design process, however we may be willing to take on your project. In particular these last few years we have seen the price of materials and trades increase, unfortunately we have found people are coming to us with their budget and unrealistic designs for this budget. Therefore, we are having to spend a lot of unpaid time redesigning clients houses to fit within this budget. Our aim of having a multi-disciplinary team is to achieve the desired designs more accurately within your budget.
  • Can you choose our own architect?
    Yes. We have a few architects we work closely with, however are happy to expand our collaboration.
  • Have a question about our building services?
    Contact Us! 0439-001-967
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